20ft or 40ft Original Open Top or a rebuild open top

Original and converted open top containers

Open Top Containers are ideal for loading goods that are bigger/wider than the container doors. With this type of container it is possible to top-load the container. R.C.C. Container Trading can not only offer you original Open Top Containers but also standard containers converted into Open Tops. These modified Open Tops are delivered with a valid CSC plate, new tarpaulin and with Lloyd's approval.

R.C.C. Container Trading builds open top containers with a valid CSC approval and a new curtain in its own workshop. These containers can be supplied with a fixed or removable header.

R.C.C. Container Trading can deliver 20ft or 40ft rebuild open top.

It’s also possible to supply your own container at R.C.C. Container Trading. We will convert it to open top with a new curtain and a Lloyd’s certificate.

40ft High Cube Open Top Container
40ft Open Top Rebuild Container
40ft Open Top Rebuild Container